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We provide a high end escort service in popular destinations such as London. We have a strong and reputable presence in cities such as London and Dubai. Please take your time and enjoy everything we have to offer you her at Manchester london escorts club. Choosing a Featured Escorts guarantees you will have a satisfying experience that is borderline perfection. Escorting, and carrying on with part-time model work provides them with the ability to fly off to Europe now and then – either with or without a client – to see Mediterranean capitals such as Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and Rome and on whose shores they could never have dreamed of stepping on while working and living back in Russia. Browse through our escort gallery and see which girl catches your eye, then call our friendly receptionist who will quickly and discreetly arrange a fantasy date you’ll never forget. If you’re new to the London escort scene and have never booked any girl from any agency before, then you may be swayed by the undercutting of prices done by other agencies and individual girls.